Ar. Mandar Vishnu Dhuri                                                                                                                M.Arch, M.C.A                                                                                                        Principal Architect

      Ar. Apurva Nitin Deshpande                                                                                            M.Arch, M.C.A                                                                                                                 Principal Designer


Practice Profile

Studio 24x6: The Design Lab is a partnership concern co-founded  April’2013 by a young duo of husband wife, both architects, viz Mandar and Apurva.

Between them they have a working experience of 1.5  Decade (2000-2015) in total in the field of Urban Design, Architectural Planning and Design in its varied forms. This studio practice definitely draws upon their previous experience through work associations.

The Studio is based in the City of Thane and is operationally active in the major 3 cities viz. Thane, Mumbai as well as Navi Mumbai.

The Studio is involved in urban studies at large, identifying issues affecting modern life and living etc. and it goes on to identifying relevant problems that could be resolved with a design or planning intervention at their respective scale.

The Studio process is driven by a disciplined approach which leads to buildings that are functionally efficient as well as grounded soundly in the context. The Studio approach respects each commission as unique, while giving adequate consideration to every detail, irrespective to the physical scale of the project.

The Studio actively documents its process and the various studies it is involved with. It is open to criticism and suggestions towards the direction it takes through the varied presentations it shall undertake to display its work and working from time to time.